Update - 27/04/21

The NHS is working hard on plans to provide COVID-19 vaccines in North Devon as we move to the next 10-12 cohorts of people (those aged 18 to 49) and we are just finalising the details. More information will be available shortly and shared. In the meantime, if you have received an invite from the NHS, you can still visit the National Booking Service and book an appointment including at Arnolds pharmacy in Westaward Ho!

You can click on the link below to take you through to the NHS National Booking Website (appointments will be added regularly):

Book a coronavirus vaccination - NHS (

If you are a front line care worker and have still not had your first COVID vaccine then please contact the Medical Centre.

For 2nd dose vaccines we will be contacting you when you are due (normally the week before the 12 weeks as clinics are added weekly). Where possible, we will be using text messages that provide a link for booking, so please ensure your contact details are up to date with us. For any patient that does not have a mobile number listed on their record, we will either telephone you or send you a letter instead.

Getting The Vaccine - A Message from Devon: